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Bugs Crawling on you - Red Bumps and Bites but you can't see them!  Everyone begins to think you are imagining them.  Oh well - just get through this.

I have answers for your suffering! They will cost you very little and I am not selling anything.  I'm only here to share what has worked for me so you can finally try something that makes sense and works.

To Start:  PLEASE STOP USING CHEMICALS - THEY ARE KILLING YOU AND YOUR FAMILY.  I tried them - they didn't work and I regret using them now.  Use healthy things that really do work.



Ours turned out to be flying midges.  Yes a fly.  Not mites.  If you've heard of "no see 'ems" that's what you see.   Nothing. They bite. I had the fluttering in the nose and face.  Crawling and biting at night.  All of the below still works but focus on environment.  Vacuuming and using fans helps! Diffuse cinnamon if you can.  

We tore my bed apart and found this silk material on the footboard and alsoon top of an electrical outlet.  We called in a bug guy and he tested and found out what they are. We were seeing a mass of fly babies as what looked like a ten inch silk. Unfortunately I had to discard my beautiful new bed.  I couldn't get rid of them all. I found a tree grinder and pulverized the thing.   It had felt like they were coming from the foot of the bed at night....and they were.

I constantly had searched the internet looking for someone to come back with answers that would clear the bugs, the invisible microscopic crawling and skin bites or bumps.

I tried it all, ordered it all - thought about demodex and bird mites and every other thing that people talked about.  I still don't know for sure what it is but my guess its an agressive scabies.

Other then my sister no one else caught it from me.  It made me look like I was imagining things.  But the tickle above my lip and in my nose and eventually across my cheek began to spread into what felt like several bugs crawling on my scalp.  Then a very itchy scalp and eventually bumps.  I began to have significant hair thinning and what looked like pink pimples that were tough.  I couldn't scratch them off.  I ended up with sores across the back of my head and this continuous feeling like something crawling on my head.  Then I went to bed one night and it felt like there were gnats everywhere on my face.  I thought how could this be happening?  I can't see anything...what is this?  I was horrified.  Next was crawling.  All over my body crawling particularly worse at night.  Then I began to have spots showing up at the base of my spine, then moving upward on my spine, then moving outward across my back...then over my shoulders and under my arms around to my waist and front.  I went to the doctor.  She treated me for scabies with two doses of Ivermectin one week apart.  It worked for about 3-4 days but then came back each time.  She decided it was not scabies and began to treat me with other products which made the infestation explode.

At this point it was August and the beginning date was 3 months at that point.

I tried many things - ordered creams - tried Coconut Oil, Clove Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Cedar Oil, Orange Oil, Clorox Baths, Borox Baths and application to my carpets and during wash.  I distributed Food Grade Shell Flour (Diametrious Earth) by shaking it around on my carpet and washing the wood floors etc.  Bagging clothing, removing plants, washing the carpets...I threw out so many things.

By now - December I was so miserable.  Night time resulted in sometimes 3 showers a night.  I There had to be answers.  How do I find the answers.  People would talk about what helped but nothing about a cure.

I finally found what worked for me and I will share it with you.  I noticed some people become suicidal and I want to beg you to please hold on- this too will pass.  And I prayed all night long.

I sensed in my heart the phrase I had heard in a song that stuck with me - was an impression from the Lord.  "My way is not hidden from you."  So I sought out to find His way since it was not hidden.

I gave up on everything starting over.

I decided to go back to what I had started to try previously and my sister said it had cleared hers.  

I went back to the sulfur ointment.  The product De La Cruz Sulfur for Acne - its a 10% sulfur mixture you can buy at Walmart (in the hispanic section) or you can purchase online at Walgreens:{adtype}&kpid=prod2872361&sst=3939a5aa-ccb4-4a29-1b0b-0000556e37e8

 I used 1 jar per took me awhile so I purchased quite a few online so I didn't have to run to all the Walmart's everywhere to try to find enough for a few more days.  There are other sulfur products out there - but it must be this one because its a little scratchy.

These are the things you will have to buy:  Sulfur Ointment (above),  "Yes" grapefruit face wash cloths (also can find at Walmart or Walgreens).

Second, do your best to get off sugar.  Sugar shuts down your immune system for up to 5 hours and you need your immune system to combat this.  I believe that is why some people have systems that get rid of them before they are even aware of them and others, like us, get infested.  I also found drinking Iced Tea was helpful for some reason.

I had quite a few bumps and so began to apply the sulfur cream.  This is the recommendation by the Mayo Clinic to treat Scabies for small babies and pregnant women so it is a safe and effective method to treat this.  I cut my finger and toe nails short as my understanding is they hide under your nails when you are applying products.  The first night I took a shower using sulfur soap and sulfur shampoo. After drying off I  used a toothbrush and applied the sulfur under and around my cut nails.  I then began with my scalp - applying as if applying hair color to the roots.  If I had short hair I would have been able to just glob it on but I have longer hair.  I then moved down from my head to my toes.

There is an area on your back that no matter how hard you try you cannot reach it.  The clear package from my new toothbrush actually worked quite well at applying to that upper back area that I could not reach.  I added a faint yellow food dye so I could see where I was applying the first few times.  I also added Clove Oil to the sulfer jar simply because it smelled nice and comforting.

Later I found a back scratcher with a flat surface on the back which I used for application.  This product (I promise I'm not selling anything) or anything like it will work well.

Stand on a towel because they drop off as you are applying it.  Step off the towel and roll it inward and wash it with the towels you just used in the shower.

I found using tighter clothing was more comfortable then loose clothing when I was wearing the sulfur. As I said the sulfur is a little scratchy but seems to be an important component.

In the morning because I work in an office I showered with all sulfur products and applied the sulfur cream from the neck down including nails, eyebrows and just inside my nose.  You can add a little peppermint oil or clove oil to the cream as it cuts down on the sulfur smell.  I also found nylon socks worked better at keeping them off my legs at work then cotton ones.

I didn't do anything to the vinyl or wood floors.  NOW IMPORTANT _ I stopped vacuuming.

I found that oils just caused the problem to get worse - I found dry products and the sulfur to work on their own.

I found I had to go for about 3 weeks to get rid of the burrows/bumps & sores wearing the sulfur night and day.  The scratchy sulfur was very irritating on my bumps the first few nights but within a few nights I didn't notice it any longer when the sores started getting better.  My sister was my encouragement to get through it because it was irritating enough for me to want to quit.  I started to see improvements within 3 days - bumps getting smaller but they are hard to get rid of and it took awhile.

I continued using the sulfur in my eyebrows and nose.

Before bed I used the Yes Grapefruit wash cloths

Night 1.  Normal
Night 2. Worse then ever
Night 3. About 1/4 of them - finally sleeping!
Night 4. Very few
Night 5.  Gone

Wait a few days and do it again.

I continued this until I could go without feeling them.  Eventually they were gone.  I was on Thanksgiving break.  I went back to work and then bam.

Placing a Sticky Mat under your desk at work - I found particularly helpful if you want to purchase it.  They're expensive and not necessary but it did help.

The key is - as soon as you feel them - it is where they are.  Make sure you have sulfur cream on there.

Christmas break and I was out of work for 11 days.  I got rid of them the first night by using the sulfur cream and I was bug free for the entire break.  I used athletes powder at work and it slowly went away there also.

Also, the last place - my lips for some reason I could find them there.  I used the sulfur mixture around the edges of them and I had a small travel toothbrush that I used to treat that area.

All in all - the sulfur on my face made me look like I was 90 but after it began to heal my skin was beautiful.  I took good care of my skin after I was done and it was better then ever.   I began using coconut oil mixed with lavender on my skin and wow - brown spots and dried out skin looked amazingly better.

This is the simple key - let them get on you.  Wearing the sulfur will kill them.  Instead of washing & drying and changing sheets etc. just leave the sheets on.  (Of course don't let anyone else in your bed til this is gone).  Again - the sulfur will kill them.  They will die off slowly and their "children" too.  You will not feel them after 4-5 days and definitely after a week in bed while wearing the sulfur.  Spots are slower.

I got rid of it and you can too.

I would suggest when you start this to first ask your doctor for some anti-depressants.  If you go to your doctor and tell him/her that you are feeling like bugs are crawling on you at night and you have confirmed that they are not bed bugs....they will be happy to give you anti-depressants.  Its important to rule that out because often Post Partum Depression and other issues can create the bug crawling feeling.  Have your doctor give you a good check up to make sure it is nothing else.

Rule out depression.  Then - if you can take them - the anti-depressants will do so much to help you get through this.  GABA can also help with depression/anxiety so if you can't take the antidepressants try that.  Please hold on - and pray.  God will help you.

I hope this helps - don't give up.  You will run into them from time to time and have to reapply but it won't take long.

Don't delay treatment because it will just get worse.


REMEMBER _THE ONE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO BUY:  SULFER CREAM - its not expensive.  If that's all you can buy - you can still get rid of them!

Thank God!!!!!


  1. thank you so much for posting your experience and including details, so helpful. thank you for reminding us that these bugs can be beaten. I am currently battling them, and am chronically ill so limited in what I can and can't do. To say it's a nightmare is an understatement but knowing there are people such as yourself who have beaten them gives hope. If you still check your blog - are you still free from the little devils? I sincerely hope so. Blessings

  2. Yes, still uninfested! The sulfur and shell flour ground into the carpet were key! I had tried it prior but my sister got rid of it by continuing to use it and so encouraged me to keep going until all was gone. Stop using bleach, ivermectim etc. ALL DESTROY YOU - NOT THE BUGS. I had them in a pillow I tried to reuse and I immediately started the process and they were gone quickly! :)

  3. Start using organic Red Raspberry oil when you are done. It will heal your skin.

  4. I have been trying to get rid this nightmare (invisible bugs) since Boxing Day 26/12/2013. Like you we have tried all the scabies and hair lice products to no avail. I saw my doctor and he didn't know what it was and sent me to a dermatologists who took a punch biopsy, although I have very little faith in him I am anxiously waiting the results which I get in 10 days time when I go to get the 2 stitches out. He said that it was not demodex and told me to stop using the tea tree oil and coconut oil as I was causing the problem. I agree I don't think that it is helping the underlying problem (killing the bugs) but it stops them crawling for most of the day. I was not happy with his attitude towards me. He is testing for demodex to appease me and I asked what does he recommend for treatment if it turns out it is a demodex infestation, his answer pyrethrum cream "Lyclear". Which I have already used twice, 7 days apart, to no avail. Ivermectin is not readily available in Australia, unless you know a vet who will make it up for you, but if it doesn't work then no point trying to get it. Like you I wondered if it is a scabies superbug which has become resistant to all chemicals, as I am having better results with the tea tree oil and coconut oil mixed about 25/75 than I did with the cream from the Chemist. I use the tea tree oil and coconut oil mix morning and night and put in my hair at night, just all over my body in the morning after my shower. Like you we have used the Shell Flour (Diametrious Earth) sold at Bunnings Hardware store for bed bugs and then we had all the carpets and mattress steamed cleaned and moved out for a week, had the whole place fumigated the day we left. We then treated ourselves before going to bed with scabies cream Lyclear and then every day from head to toe with head lice treatment, then on moving back in 7 days later applied the Lyclear scabies cream again from head to toe, before going to bed and left it on for 24 hours. Showered the next night. When we woke up the next morning, both of us still could feel them. Like you I am bagging dirty clothes when I take them off at night and washing in really hot water and in the dryer on hot. Also changing the sheets and pillow cases, towels daily. I was doing the blankets and mattress protectors but read that this was not necessary. Well, I am going to get the bed bug mattress protectors and pillow protectors like you suggest and go back to washing the mattress protectors and blanks daily. I have already thrown out my lovely $150 pillow. I was thinking about reusing, but now that I have heard that brought them back well I won't risk trying that. I am going to get the sulfur cream and get the shell flour again, food grade if I can find it and rub into our carpets as well, while wearing a dust mask. My partner and I both became aware of the crawley's one afternoon after a nap on the couch. We run a business together 7 days a week and we are both not very well, so our immune systems are functioning the best. I have found that vitamin C and Echinacea in large doses which I take when I have a cold is helping the feeling to dissipate but they are still biting, mainly on the chest area now, they have started on my back yet. Got to get this sulfur cream. I have been brought to tears a few times, particularly after I get out of the shower and I still feel them, usually cause I was too tired the night before to apply any treatment. My doctor suggested taking antihistamines but it does nothing for the crawling feeling only the reduces the intensity of the itch.

  5. Continued....My partner wears sport shoes and he has put the Diametrious Earth in them but he has a bigger problem on his lower legs than me as I only where thongs which I wash every day. I notice in the bed loss of his leg hairs on the white sheets every day. I can also see lots of little white egg shaped things and tiny little brown dots which I hope are all dead bugs, but to be sure, it all goes in the wash. Like you we must had them in the office and we have had that fumigated where we had to evacuate for 5 hours and I no longer think they are a problem here, so we vacuumed up the shell flour on the tiled floors. I am thinking that would be best to put in back down again to make sure and also put some on the desk. My partner suggested putting in his hair and on the bed where our feet go, now that I know this helped we will also do that. We also vacuum and bombed our car, as the bites were worse when I was in the car. I think I will rub in some of the shell flour in the car seats, and carpets too now. Like you I have using the athletes powder on my feet as I had a problem with my feet which started about 2 months before we felt bugs on our faces, which flared up after trying on several shoes and buying some new shoes, which when I wear causes the top of my feet to be covered in a red rash where the straps go. (Hmm I am thinking that these $225 shoes maybe the culprit I had best put them in the freezer.) I have tried feminine powder in my hair and all over my body, I found it very drying and uncomfortable the next day and after the 2nd night decided it was no better results than the tea tree oil. I must try it with the athletes powder, have been doing this with my feet only. I also have long hair good to know I don't have to cut it off, was thinking I might have to, or that all my might fall out like the hairs are in nose, not worried about losing them there, the grossest feeling having them in my nose! I just hate it. I too have cut out all sugar, take a probiotic daily and Collodial Silver several times a day. My partner however is harder to get him to do all of these things and it is hard enough to do what I need to do to keep them off me without having to constantly chase him around. He is very addicted to sugar. It doesn't seem to distress him as much as it does me. Hopefully he doesn't just keep giving them back to me. I am prepared to sleep in my own room in my own bed if that is what it takes until I know he has got rid of them too.
    When I started reading your blog I was hoping that it was going to be easier to get rid of these bugs, however having said that I am most thankful to know that with consistent perseverance they can be overcome. I am so glad that we have the money to access these things, what about the people who can't or are too sick to do all of this, so I am grateful I am able to. Thanks again. I must go order some sulfur cream. Are you still using the mixture of 1/2 shell flour to 1/2 cup of any other powder to keep them at bay?

    1. It's probably flying midges. When brown they are full. See my update.

    2. My husband and I had gone through the invisible itching, bite marks, etc. We found the solution. Just a bit more background first … If needles could bite, that was the sensation. Other times the sensation was that something was crawling on us. We spent a lot of money trying to get to the bottom of it including hiring and environmental engineer to take air samples (to check for asbestos, living organism, infectious bird diseases). We had a bird nesting in our mail box. In the same 2-3 week time window, we got mite bites from a hotel, and we visited some land and had a bunch of deer ticks crawling our bodies. After seeing a dermatologist, getting allergy skin tests for mold, buying a kid's microscope and magnifying glass to find the invisibles, having our pet birds tested for bird mites, buying essential oils (lemon, cedar, neem, peppermint, rosemary, etc,etc), bringing out 2 pest companies, washing bedsheets/clothes nightly, cleaning, sanitizing, vacuming every day, bombing with cedar, air duct cleaning, air duct part changed, ete etc (hell), we started to wonder why nothing was working and at that point considered that it was coming from within our bodies. With what had happened, we spoke to our Dr about getting testing for Lymes. We both tested positive and I later confirmed with my family doctor that Lymes can manifest itself as itching. 1 year and 9 months later, we started the Buhner protocol (see his book - healing lyme) and have been on it so far for about 6 weeks. Itching is going down for my husband. We both have more energy. Honestly, I can’t believe I was as sick as I was. It started as itching but over time I had Low energy, memory loss, and hearing loss. One note, most Lymes Disease tests are not very accurate and may not detect the disease. I suggest spending the extra money and having the blood test sent to IGenX.

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  8. What is freaking me out is if I leave the house I never feel anything. As soon as I come into the house I have this fluttering in my hair and on my face. The only difference is they don't bite. I have no marks. Leave the house again and it immediately stops. Any thoughts?

    1. See my post above. I experienced the same thing. In my case, the Lymes disease increased my sensitivity to something in the house (what exactly I'm not sure) something was either crawling on my skin or the sensation of being bitten by needles.

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  10. I had this for a couple years, I got rid of it by making a solution of 1 cup water, 4tbs sea salt, 4tbs epsom salt, 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar. Warm it up to dissolve. Put it all over body before bed, concentrating on hair and scalp. Leave in the whole night. You can cover with a little oil like coconut oil. Then wash off in the morning. It may also help to wash sheets in boiling water. After just one time I got rid of the biting. Every couple weeks I will just massage solution into hairy parts of body.

  11. I too have been battling this issue. I have been taking MSM which is a sulfur pill. It seems to be working and is safe. I can sometimes smell the sulfur coming from my pores. So it brings me to this discovery. I believe this is a fungal type issue. The mites are after the fungus that is in your body. I soaked in straight apple cider vinegar that I warmed on the stove. Thinking that I had mites under my nails from scratching. Well small white bumps formed and then some white stuff started coming up. Soon I have several white bumps on my hands. I removed the stuff and soaked my feet. The same thing happened. I got a microscope and looked at the white matter. I had several different things. One looks like morgellons fibers and the others look like ameoba type squishy blobs. So maybe they are mites eating what is under the skin???? The sulfur is an anti fungal so that might be what the problem is....FUNGUS AMONG US. I have been diligently researching this for months. I wanted to shear with you all my findings. I will pray that you all get relief. I made this discovery two days ago and am still battling this myself. Praying I get rid of it quick. Thank GOD the rest of my family does not have this.

  12. I too have been battling this issue. I have been taking MSM which is a sulfur pill. It seems to be working and is safe. I can sometimes smell the sulfur coming from my pores. So it brings me to this discovery. I believe this is a fungal type issue. The mites are after the fungus that is in your body. I soaked in straight apple cider vinegar that I warmed on the stove. Thinking that I had mites under my nails from scratching. Well small white bumps formed and then some white stuff started coming up. Soon I have several white bumps on my hands. I removed the stuff and soaked my feet. The same thing happened. I got a microscope and looked at the white matter. I had several different things. One looks like morgellons fibers and the others look like ameoba type squishy blobs. So maybe they are mites eating what is under the skin???? The sulfur is an anti fungal so that might be what the problem is....FUNGUS AMONG US. I have been diligently researching this for months. I wanted to shear with you all my findings. I will pray that you all get relief. I made this discovery two days ago and am still battling this myself. Praying I get rid of it quick. Thank GOD the rest of my family does not have this.

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  14. @no name how long were you taking the MSM pill before feeling any effect?

  15. Parasite cleanse 2x's per year. Physicians in US don't look for parasites since we're not a 3rd world country. That said, I went to several doctors and they proclaimed that they couldn't find anything wrong with me and my health declined rapidly. I made a mental and physical note of all of my symptoms and just started googling. After about two weeks I discovered that I had a parasitic infection. I then took it upon myself to take a concoction of turpentine and unsweetened coconut milk for a period of 7 to 10 days, commencing three days prior to a full moon. I am delighted to report that since that time I have been thriving.